ABQ Interfaith Rises to Challenge of Border Crisis with Charity and Justice

In the face of a growing humanitarian crisis at the border, Albuquerque Interfaith has been at the forefront of a local response, mobilizing institutions to address the immediate needs of recent arrivals and building a longer-term strategy and constituency for systemic change.  For several months, leaders have organized an operation of hundreds of volunteers who are helping welcome thousands of legal refugees / asylees into the US by accepting buses of mostly Central American families into the city.  In Albuquerque, they are greeted with sleeping accommodations, healthy meals, fresh clothing and support to get to their final destinations (in most cases on the East Coast).  Most have completed a multi-month journey through Mexico and would otherwise be dropped off by the US Border Patrol on the streets of El Paso.  With the help of dozens of churches and organizations, most of the refugees / asylees make their transition from Albuquerque within 3-4 days. 

Albuquerque Interfaith leaders are also building a a constituency for a "justice" response to the crisis, engaging city councilmembers, state legislators and US congressional representatives around larger needed changes.  In the short term, leaders are leveraging $250,000 in City funds towards the current relief effort.  Towards the development of a longer-term 21st century system for immigration and refugee re-settlement, leaders have engaged US Senator Martin Heinrich, US Representative Ben Ray Lujan and US Representative Deb Haaland.

This is but one plank of Albuquerque Interfaith's recent work, detailed in the press release further below.  Leaders are simultaneously fighting to protect school-based health centers, address homelessness and mitigate zoning changes that will impact long-time homeowners.            

[Photo Credit: Greg Sorber, Albuquerque Journal]

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